Tiziano Donnarumma

Tiziano is an experienced scientist with an extensive technical background in flow cytometry and animal models, with particular interest for cancer and viral infections
He obtained his PhD in 2014 from Verona University where he studied the mechanism of T lymphocytes interaction with the blood vessels during autoimmune and inflammatory pathologies.
He then moved to London, where he joined The Francis Crick Institute as a postdoctoral fellow. At The Crick from 2014 to 2018 he investigated the requirements for T lymphocytes differentiation during chronic viral infection.
Tiziano joined CheckMab in 2018 willing to translate his expertise on T lymphocytes responses in a translational setting close to clinical needs.
In his current role in CheckMab he is responsible for the functional characterization of novel monoclonal antibodies targeting intratumoral regulatory T lymphocytes, which are aimed at overcoming safety issues of currently approved monoclonal antibodies against checkpoint inhibitors for cancer immunotherapy.