Federica Bianchi

Federica Bianchi recently obtained a PhD fellow in Structural biology at CERM (Center of Magnetic Resonance) of the University of Florence (Italy), in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (Vaccine Center, Siena, Italy). She dedicated her research on the characterization of the human immune response in response to the meningococcus B vaccine through structural and functional studies. She exploited the structural knowledge of the antigen/antibody complexes derived from X-ray crystallography to instruct the antigen design process and to improve antibody recognition properties, to adapt their pharmacokinetics, engineer their stability, and control their immunogenicity, ultimately to develop a broadly protective vaccine against this pathogen. She joined CheckMab in 2018 to support the company in pursuing its mission and objectives. She is responsible of the recombinant antibody platform and involved in the generation of optimized antibodies with anti-tumor properties.