Ethic code

The Company undertakes to respect, in the performance of all its activities, the international, national and regional laws in force in Italy and in each country in which the Recipients (employees-collaborators) operate.

In compliance with the principle of legality stated above, the Company ensures that its activity is aimed at the following principles:

ONESTY: in relations with the FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and the Donors, between the Recipients and towards Third Parties, the adhesion and the concrete application of what is stated in this Code constitutes an essential element of good corporate management

TRANSPARENCY: the Company tracks relations of any nature and towards any stakeholder with the clarity of intentions and the lack of concealment, while respecting the obligations under the existing legislation to protect confidential data.

IMPARTIALITY: the Company bases its external relations on the total absence of discrimination regarding gender, social status, ethnicity, religion, ideological and political convictions.

VERIFIABILITY: all the Company’s activities are properly recorded in order to allow verification of the decision-making, authorization and execution processes.

PROFESSIONALISM AND NETWORKING: the Company firmly believes in the central importance of the people who work and work with it, enhancing their specific skills through continuous updating and encouraging constant comparison with the scientific community at all levels. SOCIAL VALUE OF RESEARCH: the Company operates in the awareness of the social impact deriving from the performance of its research activities, pursuing the aim of improving conditions and quality of life.