Our current research aims to provide safer and more effective therapies for people with cancer, carrying break-through immuno-oncology research.

With our experimental approach we intend to produce new drugs for immunotherapy, in particular monoclonal antibodies, directed against new immunological targets capable of achieving high patient response rates, reducing the side effects of therapy and improving the quality of life.

Our Pipeline:

CheckmAb is investigating multiple candidate targets for antibody-based immunotherapy that are specifically associated to intratumoral regulatory T cells (Treg cells) and contribute to their immunosuppressive activity.

The company is conducting the preclinical development of monoclonal antibodies against lead candidates, which are able to selectively inhibit or deplete intratumoral Treg cells, and to reactivate effector T cell populations exerting anti-cancer activities.

The company is currently completing the development of antibodies against two molecular targets, capable of selectively depleting intratumoral Treg cells, suitable for the treatment of various solid tumors. These monoclonal antibodies have proven high specificity and significant efficacy in ex vivo tumor models and in vivo tumor models. The company has selected lead monoclonal antibodies and plans to start clinical phase.