Luca Longo

Master degree in Industrial chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Scientific communication, Science and Business of Biotechnology. Journalist.
Building personal skills and experience in the science and business of biotechnology and healthcare R&D.
His experience spans across interrelated sectors and roles ranging from Industrial Chemistry to Theoretical Chemistry, from Journalism to Scientific Communication and extends into Biotechnology and Healthcare from the perspective of research, development and business. Personal and professional involvements are strictly intertwined in promoting and funding technological innovation into the Healthcare sector.

From September 2021 Chairman of CheckmAb SrL – Milano, Italy.
From September 2021 Chairman of Rigenerand SrL – Medolla (MO), Italy.
From May 2021 Member of the Board in Xyence Capital SGR S.p.A. – Milano, Italy
From August 2021 referrer for scientific communication in Eni External Communication – San Donato Milanese, (MI), Italy.
Jan 2018 – Lug 2021 Head of Scientific Communication, Media Production in Eni External Communication – San Donato Milanese, (MI), Italy.
10 years of experience in molecular modelling of active organic and polymeric systems for photovoltaic applications, Organic PhotoVoltaics, Luminescent Solar Concentrators, Biomasses for energy in Eni Renewable Energy and Environmental R&D – Novara, Italy.
Over 20 more years of experience in the study of catalytic systems and their reactivity mechanisms in the field of homogeneous and heterogeneous olefin polymerization chemistry, living free radicals polymerization, polymeric liquid crystals, liquid crystals, photocromic and photosensitive materials, photovoltaic organic materials, emulsions, nanoemulsions and surfactant chemistry, oil reservoir and extraction chemistry, drug design in the area of pesticides and agrochemical drugs.
Progressively in EniMont, Istituto Donegani SpA, EniChem, Polimeri Europa, Eni Tecnologie, Eni Refining & Marketing, Eni Strategy & Development – Novara, Italy.

Author of books, Italian patents and worldwide extensions.
750+ analysis, essays, scientific dissemination articles and contents on mainstream media.
100+ scientific papers, lectures, posters, contributions to conferences and congresses.